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Leor24: Skin & Hair Clinic

Our aim is to introduce Pune to the forefront of cutting-edge technology from all around the globe, revolutionizing skin, hair, and body care with the world's most advanced and innovative treatments. Welcome to leor24 where “YOU” matter the most.


"Experience a transformation with Leor24 and witness stunning before-and-after results that showcase radiant skin and lustrous hair, elevating your beauty and confidence."


Dr. Simran Pahilani Amazing Postnatal Body Transformation with Emsculpt Neo at Leor24

Dr. Simran, a dedicated healthcare professional and a new mother, is here to share her incredible transformation story using Emsculpt Neo. After giving birth, many women struggle with regaining their pre-pregnancy strength and confidence. Dr. Simran's journey is a testament to the amazing capabilities of modern technology, coupled with the expertise of our skilled team at Leor24 Skin and Hair Clinic.



Founded in 2019...

We're a modern and sophisticated facility born out of a passion to make you look your best. We also believe that big brands are made with small touchpoints, it’s the little details that shape the overall brand reputation. And that’s why, every aspect of our clinic exudes luxury.

We believe that beauty lies in the radiance, not in fairness...

We don’t just aim for the end result, we also focus on the means. Whatever treatments we prescribe are done in the most responsible manner using world-class equipment and under the guidance of highly-skilled doctors...


Rejuvenate your skin with our expert care! Book a consultation at our Skin Care Clinic today and discover personalized solutions for a radiant and healthy complexion.

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